The White (Hybrid)


Buy The White weed strain on Hello Ganja online today! The White marijuana strain is an 85/15 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid also known as Triangle Kush. The kush is extremely potent, with THC levels up to 29%. When ready for harvest, the buds are drenched in trichomes and resin. The White is good for night time use due to excellent relaxing properties.  The White marijuana type of high induces strong cerebral euphoria and giggles followed by deep sedation and body-mind relaxation. Improves appetite, focus and mood. May cause paranoia and headaches. Controls pain, relieves stress and nausea, helps with insomnia.
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THC: 21.00%
CBD: 1.57%
Taste & smells like: Earth, Lemon, Lavender
Feels like: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Social

About The White Strain

This mysterious strain, supposedly from somewhere in Florida and originally called “Triangle,” is aptly named; The White strain is covered with so many white trichomes that the buds look like they were rolled in confectioner’s sugar. While it looks much like an OG in structure and certainly has the potency associated with the best OG Kush cuts, it has little of the smell or flavor found in those West Coast favorites. In fact, The White strain is actually known for a distinct lack of odor or flavor, leaving some to pass it over in favor of other more pungent varieties. The high is usually described as a true hybrid effect with equal body and head sensation, and definitely very potent. The White Strain has a fairly functional experience which is immediate, numbing and clear. The mind remains active and acute while calming effects relieve the body without being overtly heavy. Relaxation and pain relief are its main medical qualities making for a great mid-day or twilight smoke. Good for  Muscle spasms, pain relief, anxiety, glaucoma, head aches, moodiness, nerve pain, appetite loss, gastrointestinal issues.


Hello Ganja Delivery is a Licensed Producer, employing exceptional work with nature to harness the intense Californian sun, locally source organic nutrients and source water from our natural purifier, to grow dozens of our exclusive marijuana strains. Our affiliate growers use top grade lighting and in-house climate control systems, all to ensure world class trichome density and product quality. Our top shelf AAA+ cheap weed buds which make produce of marijuana concentrates, cannabis oil, CBD Isolates, terpenes and weed edibles are all hand trimmed and grown without the use of chemical pesticides.

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