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Buy Super Skunk weed strain on Hello Ganja online today! Super Skunk marijuana strain an Indica marijuana hybrid. Staying true to the name, Super Skunk cannabis strain has an overwhelming skunk aroma. Buds are light green in color and covered in brown hairs, dense, thick buds that are known to be extremely pungent with a surprisingly sweet taste. Super Skunk nugs entice with a classy aroma mix of pungent, earth and skunk flavors.

THC: 17.00%  |  CBD: 0.66%
Strain Type: INDICA
Taste & smells like: Earth, Skunk Orange
Feels like: Mellow, FocusEnergeticHappy, Relaxed
Similar Strains: Afghani, Sour Diesel


Super Skunk is a pungent Indica cannabis strain named from its scent, smelling ultra-skunky with an earthy, sweet aftertaste. Its buds grow to be dense and light green in color, with brown pistils and a plethora of trichomes. Some have reviewed this strain to also smell citrusy.

Super Skunk was born after crossing the Indica Afghani and hybrid Skunk #1.

The THC levels of Super Skunk can vary broadly, with its highest potency topping off at around 19%. Its high will help relieve body pains and uplift the spirits, pushing any stresses of the day aside. Reviewers have noted that this strain will help increase creativity and encourages carefree attitudes.

Your usual dry mouth and dry eyes are to be expected after consumption. However, paranoia can occur if Super Skunk is consumed improperly.

Medical Benefits of Super Skunk

While primarily used for pain relief, this strain offers medical cannabis patients relief from a number of ailments and conditions.

  • One of the most common reasons medical cannabis patients pick up this strain is for pain management. This flower provides a body-numbing sensation, helping consumers forget their discomfort and move with greater ease
  • Mental health ailments like depression and chronic stress are also popular reasons to pick up the Super Skunk cannabis strain
  • Beloved for gastrointestinal troubles, Super Skunk often eases nausea and increases appetite

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