Futurola Super Shredder


Buy Futurola Shredder Online, shreds weed and remove stems from 3 pounds in 7 seconds. It was designed for an even and consistent filling of the Futurola’s Knockbox.¬†Also features rubber tires and uses 120 volts (normal wall outlet) for easy operation anywhere. To secure product inside the shredder, the machine is designed with a plexiglass lid with a magnetic closure. Pair this with Futurola Knockbox 3 and you can fill up to 100 cones in 2 minutes.

Includes 3mm Screen Barrel for the perfect mix consistency to fill Pre-Rolls & Cones.
Additional Screen Barrels for processing finer or coarser material are available.
The Futurola Super & Super Mega models come with the added benefit of catching/sifting stems with the Futurola Super Shredder Screen Barrel. These allow you to de-stem material ran through the Futurola Super Shredders for better filtering of larger stems or crows feet left over from shredding.

4mm Screen Barrel - Included with Super Shredder
1.9mm Screen Barrel - Optional for filtering finer material

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