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Buy SFV OG weed strain on Hello Ganja online today! SFV OG marijuana induces moderate cerebral euphoria. As the name indicates, this OG Kush relative originates from California’s San Fernando Valley. Although their names are barely distinguishable, SFV OG Kush is actually the Afghani-crossed child to SFV OG. When smoked, SFV OG gives a pleasant aroma of tangerines, hints of diesel, pine and citrus. The herb is potent, with THC levels up to 17-24%, the strain is more suitable for experienced users. SFV OG kush is good for nighttime use.

THC: 20.50%  |  CBD:0.33%
Strain Type: HYBRID
Taste & smells like: Citrus, Lemon, Sweet
Feels like: EuphoricSedative, Laughing
Similar Strains: Blue Dream, Chocolope and Abusive OG


San Fernando Valley OG commonly known as SFV OG, originates and was bred in the very valley it was named after. Its scent is extremely potent and distinct, and will only get stronger as you break up the buds when you open up a package of this strain. It’s reminiscent of sweet berries combined with the earthy and slightly diesel aroma of a typical OG strain, but can sometimes exude undertones of lemon or pine.

The THC levels of this strain can average anywhere between 18 and 25% depending on the cultivation methods used for the buds you’ve purchased, so be sure to check your label to ensure you know what you’re getting into. As soon as you load up your bowl and take the first hit, you may taste a soapy-like pine or even a green banana flavor that isn’t exactly unpleasant, but sure to leave an interesting aftertaste. The terpenes in SFV OG are usually in high quantities, so different people will pick out different flavors depending on their personal tastes.

Its high has been known to be excellent for relieving pain while keeping the mind clear, all without any couch-lock feeling some hybrids can induce. It’s a sativa-dominant strain, so expect a bit of a cerebral rush that slowly dispels as the indica effects take over the body, leading to relaxation.

Medical Benefits of SFV OG Kush

This OG Kush phenotype has a number of effects that make it well loved in the medical marijuana community.

  • A thorough body high, medical consumers often love this strain for insomnia.
  • The head to toe experience this strain provides makes it excellent for pain management —  it’s even a popular choice among those with cancer pain and severe muscle tension
  • It is also quite popular among patients seeking relief from chronic stress and depression

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