What Is the Best Quality Oil and Concentrate?

Our budtenders are familiar with questions from customers as, “What is the highest quality of concentrate or oil that we carry?” Pure Gold wins this spot indeed, We offer a package four 400mg THC dose/0.5g tubes of Pure Gold. The Pure Gold hash oil comes in a glycerine squeeze tube that can be dispensed into single drops for dabbing and/or adding on top of flowers.

Unrivaled Purity and Consistency.  TetraLabs produces pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products that contain the highest-purity, natural cannabinoids available. No other company in the industry offers our levels of quality, dependability and repeatability. GoldCaps contain only PureGold and grape seed oil. GoldMist contains only PureGold, grain alcohol and flavorings. GoldPen cartridges and PureGold Squeeze Tubes contain only ultra-pure natural cannabinoids with a touch of limonene. Crystal-clear contents mean you can see there’s no powdered cannabis, hashish, kif or hash oil. There are also no molds, pesticides, solvents, bacteria, toxins or other contaminants. That’s why our products are safe even for patients with suppressed immune systems.

It can be smoked, dabbed or used as a vape pen refill, like any oil or concentrate. It is not used for oral consumption. This product is crystal clear with no impurities, no polyethylene and no propylene glycol. Enjoy a better flavor without dry mouth! This product will take effect within seconds and lasts 1-2 hours. A different approach to medicating safely!


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