Weed Metric System

Do you ask your budtender to just give you $20, $50 or $100 dollars worth of weed without knowing how much actual medicine you’re getting for your money? It’s ok, you’re not alone, many people who are green to buying pot tend to do this. Have you ever felt embarrassed when your budtender asks if you want a dub or an eighth because you have no idea what they are talking about? Does the world stop making sense when your budtender tells you how much an ounce of your favorite strain costs? Weed measurements no longer need to be a mystery.

We’ve all been in those shoes, but this guide will help you understand the marijuana metric system and we’ll explain all the ganja jargon commonly used among cannabis users in the United States. We’ll break down some regional pot prices per gram so you can make sure you’re not getting ripped off by your reefer retailer. We’ll also throw in cannabis concentrate conversions so you know roughly how much marijuana it takes to make butter for concentrates, ediblesoil and tinctures.

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